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Dollmaker is a historical review of a war many would just as soon forget. But Dollmaker is different. It provides the reader with an alternative outcome. Call it historical revisionism with a twist of bitter truth. From this unique vantage the war in Vietnam is experienced through the life and actions of an unlikely leader; a charismatic woman named Le Bon or Ladybon who isn't democratic, isn't communist, and is not going to take the back seat to the Americans in the conduct of the war. Breaking traditional gender roles, she ascends to the highest pinnacles of power organizing a grassroots paramilitary force called the Blue Shirts. All during this time, a gung-ho Marine named Mike Grant is working his way up the ladder of military prestige and influence. When the female Vietnamese firebrand and the ambitious American meet, the war, its outcome, and the world would never be the same again.

Dollmaker is available in original and abridged edition.
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Hello! I'm Bonnie and I started this site to share my writing, art and hobbies.

I am an artist and writer who takes an interest in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the American Southwest.

My latest novels:
- Dollmaker
- Gaiko
- Phnom Penh Concerto
- Adventura Highway
- Teutonic Tales

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